International Chefs Day

What is International Chefs Day?

Each year on the 20th of October we celebrate International Chefs Day. Over the last two years, chefs affiliated to more than 103 member organizations around the world have taken part in this special day by hosting workshops and activities for thousands of children.

With your participation, we want to make International Chefs Day 2017 bigger and better than ever.

The theme selected for this year’s event is “Foods For Healthy Heroes”.

The superhero trend is a global phenomenon for boys and girls alike. Our interest in superheroes continues into adulthood so everyone can enjoy this theme together!

To make eating and preparing healthy food fun and exciting for kids, we will communicate the ‘superpowers’ (benefits) that healthy foods have. Benefits that will keep kids strong, healthy and feeling like the superheroes they love.

How can you participate ?

We look forward to another successful year for this special event!

Check back soon for more details about how you can get involved, as well as updates and materials!

For immediate enquiries, please feel free to reach out to Worldchefs International Chefs Day Committee Chairman, Joanna Ochniak at

International Chefs Day News

Feed The Planet


Worldchefs initiated Feed the Planet in 2012 to encourage its membership base of 10 million chefs worldwide, to create a positive change for the planet. Initiatives include World Chefs Without Borders focused on humanitarian aid, sustainability education for professionals, and professional education for people in need.

Based in its Sustainability framework ‘For the Better’ and a promise to be a force for good in its local communities, Electrolux will initiate and drive projects by engaging its business units and 60 000 employees. The projects will be backed by funding through the Electrolux Food Foundation, established in 2016.

A global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential, through professional internships, and volunteering in social projects. With its 70 000 members in 125 countries, AIESEC was selected by the UN as one of the organizations helping to reach out with the SDGs to youth worldwide. AIESEC volunteers and interns help power Feed the Planet with knowledge and manpower.

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