Worldchefs Without Bordersis a humanitarian aid initiative by The World Association of Chefs Societies. Worldchefs Without Borders collaborates with any and all aid agencies and organizations, international, governmental and private.

Worldchefs Without Borders is an initiative impartial to race, religion, gender, political views and any other dividing concept. It aims at saving lives, alleviating suffering and restoring dignity and basic human rights by providing nutritious food and clean water to the hungry and the malnourished, in response to national as well as international situations.

Worldchefs Without Borders works with employers to ensure that volunteering chefs will have their jobs secure until their return from the field.

What is our mission?

Connecting WORLDCHEFS chefs committed to providing education and resources to those in need and afflicted by natural disasters.

A Four Level Program

  1. Home Front Program:
    Chefs to work with local rescue units, neighborhood shelters, soup kitchens and other local programs through local Chef Associations.
  2. Development Program:
    Skilled, qualified, semi or fully retired chefs to work closely with governments on both national and international levels with the purpose of assisting with the infrastructure and building of educational and training programs for chefs.
  3. First Aid Program:
    Chefs to train and cooperate with local or international rescue units to acquire first aid skills essential for deployment.
  4. Relief Program:
    Chefs to serve in refugee camps, disaster areas and/or other crises where humanitarian aid is needed for short or long periods of time operating through the logistical support of our partner organisations Electrolux and AIESEC as well as other organizations such as Aviation Without Borders (LOG), Doctors Without Borders, United Nations, Red Cross/Crescent, etc. serving both the victims and humanitarian aid teams on site.

How will we implement this?

Offcers will be assigned for Worldchefs Without Borders in all Chefs Associations and Chapters around the world. The number of local chapters is estimated to be around 1500.

We are looking for volunteers with human and personal skills:

  • highly motivated and passionate about the cause
  • respect all cultures, religions, beliefs, nationalities
  • possess excellent communications and interpersonal skills

Does this sound like you? Please contact us here.

There are other ways to support us

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Do you want to help right now ? You can purchase a Worldchefs Without Borders Teddy Bear here. Or donate below.

Feed The Planet


Worldchefs initiated Feed the Planet in 20XX to encourage its membership base of 10 million chefs worldwide, to create a positive change for the planet. Initiatives include Worldchefs without Borders focused on humanitarian aid, sustainability education for professionals, and professional education for people in need.

Based in its Sustainability framework ‘For the Better’ and a promise to be a force for good in its local communities, Electrolux will initiate and drive projects by engaging its business units and 60 000 employees. The projects will be backed by funding through the Electrolux Food Foundation, established in 2016.

A global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential, through professional internships, and volunteering in social projects. With its 70 000 members in 125 countries, AIESEC was selected by the UN as one of the organizations helping to reach out with the SDGs to youth worldwide. AIESEC volunteers and interns help power Feed the Planet with knowledge and manpower.

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