Food Waste Challenge

The Food Waste Challenge is designed to decrease food waste while improving profit margins in both back of house and front of house operations.

Commit to reducing food waste. The Food Waste Challenge toolkit and webinar series provides hands-on waste cutting practices that make day-to-day waste tracking easy.

Here’s how it works:

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As a member of the Feed the Planet community, you won’t be alone in this mission. Learn how to reduce food waste, track your progress, and improve your bottom line!

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Meet our participants

Daniel Schweizer

CEC, CCA, WCEC Executive Chef, Goddard Catering Group Jamaica Ltd

“We started to measure our food waste in Montego Bay. We realized that our food waste is close 3000 kg, nearly 3 tonnes for one month. This process has shown us what we actually waste a lot and, to be honest, we are surprised by the quantity. It was an awakening.

Prakriti Sharma

IHM Pusa, Delhi, India

“Even a small effort from our side may help make a difference in the world.”

Winson Collarte

Corporate Head Chef at L’Apera Café & Restaurant, Saudi Arabia

“We chefs are responsible for food supply sustainability as practitioners of our passion and citizens of this planet.”

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