Meet Our Team

Feed the Planet is made possible by the hard work of our team at Worldchefs, Electrolux Food Foundation, and AIESEC,

and by the generous support of all our collaborative partners and dedicated volunteers.

Worldchefs Feed the Planet Committee

Chris Koetke, Chairman

Shonah Chalmers, Vice Chairman

Jihan Al Sahawneh, Member

Donna Heath, Member

Gabriel Levionnois, Member

Frank Fol, Member

Peter Rehn, Member

Rosa Maria Moraes, Member

Daniel Schweizer, Member

Yau Kok Kheong, Liason Officer

Barton Seaver, Special Advisor, Seafood

Terry Jenkinson  Principle Lead of Sustainability Education

Dr. Vicky T.Y. Leung,  Principle Lead of Community Engagement 

Feed the Planet Team

Ragnar Fridriksson, Managing Director of Worldchefs

Connie Lau, Director of Operations and Projects at Worldchefs

Linh To, Event and Program Manager at Worldchefs

Olivia Ruszczyk, Communication Manager at Worldchefs

Anand Shukla, Digital and Education Product Manager at Worldchefs

Ajla Dunga, Events and Project Coordinator at Worldchefs

Clare Pettersson, Chief Editor at Worldchefs

Malin Ekefalk, Head of Social Responsibility & Community Investment at Electrolux

Cosimo Scarano, Head of Electrolux Food Foundation, Community Investment at Electrolux

Virginia Melian, Electrolux Group Communications Director for Technology, Digital & Sustainability

Anna-Sofiia Kosmirak, Electrolux Food Foundation Coordinator

Sally Kennedy, Electrolux Food Foundation Communications Consultant

Chirag Gupta, Global Digital Marketing at AIESEC

Soraya Morales, Account Manager at AIESEC

Elis Ponce, Project Manager at AIESEC

Feed the Planet team in Paris, 2024

Collaborative Partners

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