Emergency Relief Program In Peru

Peru, 14th August 2021


In 2017 Peru was devastated by heavy rains and flooding. Many people lost their lives, and thousands were forced to evacuate their homes. The floods destroyed homes, schools, hospitals and restaurants. Two towns hit hard were Huarmey and Paita.

To support the victims of the flooding, the Peruvian Association of Chefs, Cooks and Allies, Worldchefs Without Borders and Electrolux employees got together to provide them with food.

Societal value

Supporting people in need with food and appliances.


  • 1,000 meals were served in Huarmey and 1,000 in Paita in late June.
  • Electrolux Peru donated equipment kits (a refrigerator, a four-burner cooker and a microwave) to five popular restaurants in Huarmey that had lost their kitchens due to the high-water levels.

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