My Happy Plate, Raising Awareness to Minimize Food Waste

, 16th August 2021


Malaysia’s MYhappyplate is focused on raising awareness and educating consumers and young people on using leftovers. By collecting pledges from the public and converting them to food bundle donations for underprivileged families, MYHappyPlate targets reducing the food waste at home and providing meals to people in need.

Public was also encouraged to submit recipes made from leftover. Most creative ones have been featured in MYHappyPlate cookbook, along with 10 other recipes developed by partnered nutritionist.

#MYHappyPlate partners with AIESEC in Malaysia to deliver Food waste workshops & cooking demo to 400 students in Central region this Summer 2018, and Food Waste awareness campaign post-workshop is expected to reach another 400 students

Societal value

Throwing away leftovers even after freezing them is a common practice among Malaysian families. Every day 15,000 tons of food are wasted in Malaysia; this waste contributes to greenhouse emissions and climate change. By partnering with schools and AIESEC through various online and offline activities, Electrolux Malaysia hopes to also target and impact the younger segment of the community.


Reach in social media:

  • Total views: 957,620
  • Engagement: 9,152
  • Employees volunteered: 10
  • Donated appliances: Free Standing Gas Cooker, Oven Toaster and Bread Toaster (Donation to school)

Next steps

  • Support 10 AIESEC international volunteers that will work at schools in Kuala Lumpur
  • Deliver the workshops in 4 schools in Central region of Malaysia
  • Impact measuring food waste reduction & awareness survey

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