Ozharvest, Food Rescue Program

, 18th August 2021


In 2017, Australia officially joined the food waste movement in Electrolux APAC. By establishing a three-year partnership with OzHarvest, Electrolux in Australia helps rescue food that would otherwise be wasted to help feed people in need across the country. The 2018 campaign focuses on raising awareness about food waste among the community and contributing feeding vulnerable Australians. The CEO Cook-Off in March 2018 was the first major activity where an Electrolux team helped prepare a gourmet dinner for over 1000 guests. These were guests who have difficulty in eating nutritious meals on a regular basis. Electrolux also raised enough to provide nearly 100,000 meals to others in need.

Societal value

This project aims to reduce food waste by working with OzHarvest, a food rescue organization, while engaging Electrolux employees. Employees and consumers are provided with the knowledge to reduce food waste in their own homes through tips, tricks and recipes from experts. People in need are supported in putting better quality and more nutritious food on their tables. This takes place through the raising of funds from employees and the broader public.


  • Raise enough in donations to feed in excess of 100,000 people in need.
  • Participated in CEO Cook-Off where an Electrolux team helped prepare a gourmet dinner for over 1000 guests.

Next steps

Create social awareness through the #fightfoodwaste social campaign and also with point-of-sale placement of OzHarvest materials in refrigerators in retail spaces. Employees will also be participating in community food collection projects which will be used to also create employee engagement opportunities.

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