Taste and Share, Food Sharing and Awareness Campaign

, 19th August 2021


Taste&Share project is showing how food sharing can help reduce food waste. We are raising awareness by educating people, changing bad eating habits to good ones, maximizing sustainability by minimizing food waste and being in harmony with the national food cultural identity. Within project framework, we:

  • deliver user-friendly mobile app Taste&Share to help in foodsharing
  • organize culinary workshop to show new ways of sustainable cooking
  • are present in national debates
  • take part in student’s events to teach them about food waste
  • distribute educational materials

Societal value

By becoming familiar with the idea of foodsharing and various methods of reducing food waste and cooking leftovers, we hope to make a real change in people’s lives. Projects provides ready-to-use solutions and tools to reduce potential food waste.


  • Mobile app downloads: 900 in total
  • Participants at workshops and events: 6400
  • 10 520 impressions in Social Media
  • 10 employees volunteered at internal foodsharing point
  • Participation in 3 debates – Electrolux as an expert in sustainable cooking and reducing the food waste
  • Organization of 3 culinary events
  • Participated in Central Europe Food Waste Conference 2018 «Love food, hate waste» organized by Tesco

Next steps

  • Promote mobile app Taste&Share during 3 summer events
  • Collaborate with influencers to promote mobile app with support of marketing
  • Upload and promote 5 educational video animations
  • Organize 12 culinary workshops about food waste and prepare an e-book
  • Advertorial in top polish culinary magazine
  • Publish at least 10 posts about the project on Electrolux LinkedIn
  • Create 3 different videos – 2 from summer events and 1 from Youth Speak Forum
  • AIESEC Youth Speak Forum workshop – voting for the best project and meeting with AIESEC in Poland and take part in Youth Speak Forum in autumn 2018

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